What is a placenta tincture?

A placenta tincture is a concentrated alcohol-based liquid, made by soaking a portion of placenta. We place a small amount of placenta in 190 proof organic corn alcohol. Allowing this to develop for up to 4 weeks will pull the hormones and nutrients out, creating a potent liquid that can provide the same potential benefits as placenta capsules.


Store your tincture in a cool dry place. When it’s ready you can funnel the liquid into the empty dropper bottle you will be provided.

How to use

You’re placenta tincture can be used as needed by putting 5 to 7 drops in a glass of water or juice, or rubbing a few drops on the bottoms of your feet or upper chest (places where our bodies absorb well).

Your placenta tincture stays good indefinitely. Additional 100 proof alcohol can be added back to the original tincture bottle to develop more as you use it.

Placenta tincture can be used to ease postpartum mood disorders and increase breastmilk production. Potential benefits in easing PMS symptoms or stress have also been reported.

Women who have placenta tinctures made during their childbearing years report using them to effectively ease symptoms caused by menopause.