Northern Utah’s only APPA certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Serving: Davis, Weber, Morgan, Box Elder, Summit, Salt Lake, Utah, Wasatch, Tooele, and Cache Counties

Jen Shepherd

After going through the struggles of postpartum depression, I am passionate in helping new moms recover quicker and have a happier postpartum experience. I have been encapsulating since 2017 and have been APPA certified since 2018. I am so grateful to have learned the incredible skills of this practice and see the good that has come from it. It gives me great joy to connect personally with each new mom. My goal is for moms to focus on their new baby instead of difficulties that can sometimes come with the postpartum experience.

"I was so pleased with my experience with Monarch! Jen is extremely professional and really knows her stuff."





Placentas Encapsulated


Experience the benefits of placenta encapsulation.

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Increased energy

My clients have reported an increase in energy and have compared this to previous pregnancies where they did not encapsulate.

Boosted immunity

My clients have reported feeling healthier in their overall well being.

Enhanced milk production

My clients have reported that their milk came in faster and more abundantly than with previous pregnancies.

Stabilized mood & emotions

My clients have reported having a more balanced mood and less “baby blues” than with previous pregnancies.

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